Stephan Engler is bilingual in French and German and lives on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. He works in the advertising, portrait and photo-reportage branches. His favourite subjects are people and their environment. Stephan presents powerful pictures with texts that have been written spontaneously on the spot. "What is important to me is to seize the moment and the particularities of my subjects and to be able to transmit them to everyone".

He’s training in advertising, printing, photography and marketing, as well as his considerable photo-reporting experience in Switzerland and abroad, enables him to meet a wide range of demands.

Stephan has travelled extensively throughout his homeland of Switzerland, photographing the lakes, mountains and valleys, towns and villages, and the people for whom Switzerland is home.

Elsewhere he is, above all, a traveller, a lover of colours and islands, of vast skies, of the feeling of immensity inspired by the seas that cover the planet. He is also curious about unfamiliar cultures, about the men, women and children with whom he shares a bumpy bus ride, a pint in a pub, street-food. He speaks to them, listens to them. And he marvels at their frequently joyful simplicity, their spontaneous hospitality, the smiles exchanged.